Suggest a Book

Use the comments option at the bottom to suggest a book for me to read. To help me organize the suggestions please only one suggestion per comment. If you want to recommend two books write two comments. Please include a brief argument why I should read said book.

  • Steven K

    see strange connection blog, “deadly baptism” to get a feel.

  • Steven K

    by the way, the book to go with that last suggestion was, “the end of the affair” by Graham Greene

  • Amira

    Read A tale of Two Cities. Dickens at his best. You’ll need a Kleenex

  • Jodie

    Read “Where Angels Fear to Tread” it is an interesting novel by E.M. Forster. It has some interesting insight on how different cultures feel about the ways that others behave. It is a stunning somewhat provocative (for the time) portrayal of how people will judge before they know and live their lives because they “think” that those around them know what is best for them (even if they can see the “demon” in those same people they let lead). Although it is not the best story i have ever read I thought that it was an interesting portrayal, and a quick interesting read.

  • Read The Phantom Tollbooth. A book that anyone who is well-read and is seeking higher education should read. Not because the book relates to those things but because no person should go that long in their life without having read it.

  • Sorry, I’m breaking a rule – I’ve gotta put in a plug for two books, because they’re really companion volumes: Transformation and Glocalization, by Bob Roberts, Jr. The first asks the question, “What if the church were the missionary?”…then works on answering it; the second expands on that concept in greater detail.

  • Elisabetta

    Title: In Other Words
    Author: Dale Cohenour Jr.
    Publisher: AuthorHouse
    ISBN: 9781434377937

    I’d recommend this book because I think t’s a beautiful poetry collection, magistrally written in my opinion. Famous or not, I believe the author has a gift with words, and I truly think this book shouldn’t be missed.

  • brookelorelle

    George MacDonald – The Curate of Glaston
    Interesting fiction from someone who influenced C.S. Lewis.

    You have to love any book where the idea that a young woman is having trouble because she is about to think for herself for the first time in her life and, as the author says “thinking is seldom a comfortable operation”

  • Amira

    This is my second attempt, computer ate the last one.
    Have just re read Oliver Sacks stuff as well as his new book on music. The stuff he writes is fascinating. Try it.

  • Amira

    Just finished Frank Schaeffer’s book, Crazy For God. Really good. Long book but very readable, valuable critique on American politics and the religious right. Found myself in almost total agreement on his analysis. Could have done with less info in some areas but he is angry and making a point so…..
    Also great from the angle of relationships and doing what it is you are supposed to versus what others expect of you.

  • Amanda

    The Black Hand of God, by R.S. Basi. A new book, with a new perspective….but tells about how worship has changed and why it’s so personal.