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Stranded in Denver

The only reason I’m in Denver is to get to Chicago. I was on the plane to O’hare, the luggage was getting packed onto the plane, when a disconcerting beep begins to play over the loudspeaker. The captain comes on … Continue reading

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A New Club

Today I attended my first meeting of the PDX yo-yo club. Before I say too much I must dispel any false impressions you may have. This is not some club for nerdy, puny, middle school yo-yo freaks who have been … Continue reading

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Move over Macgyver

I bought a bike. It’s what people do here. Didn’t want to pay full price so I waited ’til a garage sale had one in stock. Twenty bucks. The owner let it sit out in rain once. I bought a … Continue reading

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Llamas got a brand new site

I have been experimenting more with WordPress, an open-source online system for building websites. This site is built with it and I recently developed a page for one of my teachers who has a line of t-shirts and hats (Theta … Continue reading

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The Post Bought Tarver a Leg

One of the main reasons I moved out to Portland is because of the people here who love me like family. With my family that’s no small thing. One of those friends who drew me here is Tarver. He just … Continue reading

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Who am I?

“Who am I?” That is the question my generation is asking. We are a people desperate for self-definition yet refusing to be defined. Do not try to label us by our country, our job, our denomination, our parents, or any … Continue reading

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I did a yo-yo show on Sunday for a Super Bowl party at a church in Vancouver. The man who invited me to perform said he expected  a few thousand to attend. I’ve heard that before. When it comes to … Continue reading

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More than personality

Chrissy and I, at the bequest of Kevin Hanson, took a personality test. When the tests were done we read the results; they summed us up as well as four letters can. I liked mine, the profile was “Mastermind”. It … Continue reading

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Know me, please.

Without the burden of AOM I am progressing nicely through Crime and Punishment. Our friend, Sam as we call him, has finally decided to confide in someone. She is sincerely a Christian, but also a prostitute so that she might … Continue reading

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Girl Pants

At a very young age girls develop the insatiable desire to dress up their men. We are their proverbial Ken doll. Ken, in the Barbie lineup, was never meant to be an object of desire for Barbie. No, he is … Continue reading

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