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Food V – Conclusions

Several of my classmates are in the armed forces. They are self-sufficient, deliberate and masters of time management. I used to manage my time, I found it exhausting. I usually ignore their military banter and haircut talk but my ears … Continue reading

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Food IV – How I Eat

Consider this question: Who enjoys their food more? Is it the man walking down the New York streets who will stop at any sidewalk stand and get any item with everything on it, or the gourmet chef who will only … Continue reading

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Food III – Abusing the Gift

Since food is relational and spiritual it is not unreasonable that churches should use food for ministry. This goes way beyond food banks for the poor, and pizza to lure in youth on Wednesday nights. While I will not get … Continue reading

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Food II – Food is Spiritual

Food is relational, food is spiritual. What was the first role of man? Gardener. It may be true, in a manner of speaking, that we were created to worship God, but according to the text we were made to grow … Continue reading

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Food I – Food is Relational

I used to ask myself, “Why dinner and a movie?” If you want to impress a girl take her to a theme park, or sky diving or somewhere you can use a gun. Why something so ordinary? Dinner…everybody eats dinner. … Continue reading

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