Adam Bottiglia - Literature, Worship, and LifeMy name is Adam Bottiglia. I am currently a student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School studying Enlightenment History in their Church History PhD program.

Why Literature? I read.

I have not read enough fiction through my years of higher education. While theology may be geared toward a more analytical mind, intellectual development is stunted when one reads only essays, arguments, dissertations and theological/philosophical works. Part of this site is geared toward the discussion of the books I am reading (on the side); mostly works of ancient and contemporary fiction with an occasional sprinkling of non-fiction for good measure.

Why Worship? It's what I do.

In class I study the hows, whys, whens, whos, etc., of Christian worship. In life I try to live what I know and help others do the same. Being a reflective chap, I thought other worshipers might enjoy contemplating with me those things that puzzle and delight out souls.

Why Life? I'm me.