Stranded in Denver

The only reason I'm in Denver is to get to Chicago. I was on the plane to O'hare, the luggage was getting packed onto the plane, when a disconcerting beep begins to play over the loudspeaker. The captain comes on to reassure us. "A sensor is down, things don't look good. They said they're going to try to fix it by 2:00... that's not going to happen. Don't rush off the plane yet. I'll tell you when it's official."Just what I wanted to hear from my captain.

The amazing thing, no moaning. I expected a sudden outcry complete with gnashing teeth. I expected an enraged public to massacre the flight crew and storm the luggage bins. In fact, everyone stayed calm. I think the quiet acceptance had something to do with the solidarity of the moment. There was no unfairness here. We all have places to be, and right now. A lowsy situation stuck us all; there's no need to make it worse my moaning. It's almost enough to make you feel okay being human.

So now I've got three hours to spend in an airport. Luckily, it's a nice airport. I have a quiet location, more or less, to plug in my laptop and sit on a chair and compose. When I'm hungry, I have a bounty of adequate and nearly-adequate food choices. I'm on a business trip which means expenses are paid. Within reason. Using my ipod, complete with all the books I could ever want, I can send text messages and emails so the important parties are informed of my whereabouts. Who needs a cell phone. Bah!

Airports are funny because they are like a giant mall with one exception, no one wants to be here. Everyone here is just waiting to be somewhere else. There are plenty of fine stores, resturants, and wild people to watch, and yet, it just doesn't have that jazzy mall feel. It's like they have invented a way to make us shop while we wait in line. Yes, it's just like that. Airports are those isles of useless goods in the checkout line at the grocery store trying to seduce the kid in you (or your actual kid) to reach out and buy some gum you didn't intend to purchase. And a candybar. And, oooh, I didn't know Brangelina met up with Jennifer A. this week, I'll have to check up on that. While I'm at it I might as well catch up on my biblical prophesy. The only real difference is that rad voice reminding you to watch your step before the moving floor comes to a sudden stop. I'm still waiting to see someone fall flat on their face.

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  • Ah, airports. YAY for no cell phone! hee hee…

  • I can dig that. The downside is when airports charge for wireless access. Don’t like that. That is when my phone comes in handy.

  • What time did you end up getting in last night?

  • I’m glad you aren’t stranded in Denver today.

  • Holy shit are you still stranded in Denver? I am very concerned about your status since I haven’t seen and update…are you okay?