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Freshly Brewed Web Design

Freshly Brewed Web Design

After long deliberation I have decided to start a web design business. I have been making websites for pay since this summer and the experience has been positive for me and my customers, so I have decided to expand. You can check out my main site for this venture at http://fbwebd.com. The site is only recently completed so I am open to suggestions for improvement. I numberswiki.com

will be using this page as a hub for the business as well as a place to catalog my web development ideas. I currently have but one post that is about getting a coverflow plugin working as a portfolio. Techincal, boring stuff, but helpful for people building sites like I am (and helpful for reminding me how I got certain things working).

If you know of anyone who needs a new site or who has a site that needs a face lift feel free to send them my way.

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