Lovely mornings

Whenever Chrissy is off work she makes me a nice breakfast of eggs and toast from our homemade bread and we sit down and chat as the morning passes slowly away. We speak of friends and family, of our dreams of scholarship and chickens, of books and bees, and our inmost hopes that drive us. There is plenty of time for silent looks and quiet chewing as we enjoy the peaceful stillness of the break of day. Chrissy with her weak coffee weighed down with cream and me with my tea sip the morning away enthralled with the joy of spending life together.

A breeze passes by our window and I ask about today's plans. She tells me of her desire to knit and read and take a walk after lunch. She asks me the same and I reply in kind, minus the knitting. The smell of coffee and toast is mingled with wax as a tiny flame digs deeper and deeper into the heart of the candle on our table. I wish to remain as we are until its light is extinguished, but the day begins to beckon me away from this simple happiness. There are books that need reading and Greek that requires learning, and I cannot put them off forever. I smile and sigh toward my kitty-corner companion and in my heart I thank God for these lovely mornings.

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  • *smile* :))) (It was a big one)!

  • Fitz


  • That was a wonderful description!

  • mom

    WOW! I can actually picture you and your beloved sitting there enjoying each other. It’s just like poetry to a person who enjoys it. Ahhhhhhh!