Imagine a world with no reprieve. A world without love, without the light of the church, a world with no hope. From birth children are raised on hatred and all they know is a life of abuse and malice. Those who survive this family torment bare deep and incurable scars on body and soul. As adults they enter the world of enterprise only to find greed, dishonesty and thievery at every turn. Maturity knows nothing of the increase of virtue but only an enlarged capacity to discover more vile and creative forms of deception and injury. The hunger for genuine love is never satisfied while instead they feed upon the poisonous love of self-interest and manipulation.

And nowhere can they find reprieve.

Imagine a world where there is no justice for the weak, no hope for the mistreated. Power is on the side of the oppressor. The strong wield their power like a scourge against any who cannot stand against them. Violence is the final arbiter, the judge who cannot be denied. Violence is the universal language all must speak to survive. Men of renown speak it with destructive eloquence, all who cannot master it are quickly silenced. The tears of the oppressed are ceaseless and bitter, and they have not comforter.

Imagine with me this world without hope; a world where the wise, if they could be found, have fled to the corners of the earth as if to jump off to escape this calamity. Every movement of the hearts of men are fear, lust and the longing for domination. Every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts are evil continually. There is no escape. There is no reprieve.

Imagine with me a world ripe for destruction. Imagine the world of Noah.

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  • Amira

    Seeing as the last entry was accepted I’ll try here too!
    Welcome back, I had stopped my daily check up on the blog…
    By the way, although Tarver may have a blog length limit, we all do, note Steve K., he undoubtedly scans the rest and his name will appear in neon lights. It’s a marketing thing, names and smily faces or so they say.
    Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

  • Amira

    I hate this Adam, just wrote a really serious comment on the above blog and the computer ate it again.
    I’ll try again another time. Suffice to say, what I said can be summed up by saying we are not so far off that world, if you read the papers or the BBC web site. Two horrific cases of fatal child abuse and neglect, beg the question of the humanity of the perpetrators. that is why we were / are told to be the lights in this world even if we glow ever so dimly.
    Previuos post was better worded but you get the gist.

  • Sorry that the blog is eating your comments, perhaps I have a few updates I need to check on to ensure that doesn’t happen any more. We are looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone soon!