A New Club

Today I attended my first meeting of the PDX yo-yo club. Before I say too much I must dispel any false impressions you may have. This is not some club for nerdy, puny, middle school yo-yo freaks who have been ostracized from the football field, basketball court, and chess club. No, only adult nerds attend this club. I haven't fit in anywhere this well since Science Olympiad.

The yo-yo you see here is designed and manufactured by one of the members. It is making quite a splash in the yo-yo scene these days, and even an Old Skool yo-yoer like myself can appreciate its subtle allure. It is called the Project, and it specializes in all the tricks I can't do. Purchasing this yo-yo is my first step into an uncharted jungle of mad yo-yo skills. With their help I am already working on a few new tricks. The other members said it will be an even trade if I will teach them how to talk to children. (That comes up a lot if you're a yo-yoer). When I told them I worked for a family with eight kids they were quite impressed.

By the way, if your interested in learning to yo-yo and you live in Portland, OR you can keep up with the PDX club at http://portlandyoyo.blogspot.com or you can visit my yo-yo trick video how to site, http://yotricks.com

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  • Amira

    So glad we are of use!!!!

  • Ninrai

    A yo-yo club, that sounds awesome. Got to admit that I am a little jealous about that one. You will have t let me know where I can pick up one of these new yo-yos called the Project. I may enjoy trying my hand in some New Skool tricks.

    Here’s a little tip for your yo-yoing buddies. Kids are like sharks. If you let them know your afraid, they feed on it. That what five years of teaching karate has taught me.

  • I think I learned that lesson in Middle School.

  • MOM

    This new club seems really cool. I can’t believe how the Lord continues to give you opportunities because of a little toy. Do you think one or more of these guys would like to join you in your ministry? What a fun time you must all have together.
    I also can’t wait to here what Zondervan has to say next week!!!

  • Glad to hear the event went well and you even picked up a new yo-yo out of it. Careful, it resembles the “seducer” a bit too much for my liking. As your mom said, yes that would be amazing if you were able to pick-up a new partner in crime. However, I say this with a tear in my eye as on the one hand, I must be happy for you in this find and I must be even more grateful if you were to find another side-kick for your shows. In the same thought, though, it saddens me in that if you were to find that one, I’d have to strike one more “pro” off the pro, con list I have running for our future move to Portland. Each day shortens the list as I have no idea where you’re going to go once school wraps up out there for you.

  • Chrissy and I decided that we needed to just lie and tell you we would be here forever so you will just quit dilly-dallying and move here already. Don’t worry about me finding a new yo-yo partner… it would take me at least six months to train any of them to be of any use on the stage. You can easily move here before then. Come out for a quick visit, then I can fly back with you and help you pack your things.

  • Oh, you’re such a romantic.

  • Amira

    Hey Steve, an offer to help move you, now that ought to be a huge incentive!

  • Amira

    BTW Steve, call me lazy or unmotivated, but you need to make it easier to comment on your blog, or maybe it’s a ploy to keep the likes of me off of it!!

  • It is difficult to post on Steve’s page because you have to create an account with blogger… no way around it.

  • You have to create an account?! I thought I changed that feature. As far as I know, I had it set up so anyone could post remarks without setting up any account. I’ll check into it. Sorry about that. I thought it was set for anonymous because as you said, I hate it when I have to create an account to respond to someone. Maybe that’s what happened to all my responders.

  • Okay, I checked into that. One is able to leave comments without setting up an account. You just have to click the “anonymous” radio button at the bottom of the post screen. Just sign with your name in your comment body if you want me to know who you are. No, it’s not as cool as Adam’s feature. I’ve been thinking of switching over to Adam’s program. Adam, make me a blog template with your blog program and I’ll use it!

  • We need to find you a web address. strangeconnections.com? Give me a call, we can set it up in no time.

  • Amira


  • about time you blogged again… for others info:
    Adam has been working too hard this semester as a TA.
    I’m sure he will be back to writing blogs and working on his book soon.

  • Brian

    Do you still blog? Enlighten us!

  • So, you and Steve were great about blogging and I enjoyed your insight–now you do nothing but school and I am stuck in suburbia! I challenge you to a blog-a-thon! One blog a day for the month of November. They don’t all have to be substantive, but try to make at least one a week worthwhile! you in?

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