Anybody need a store?

Stores now onlineI did my first experimenting with online store building over the weekend.  I found a plugin for WordPress that integrates a fully functional store right into your blog.  Of course, as with any type of coding, it was easier said than done.  After many tears and pleading, both towards God an my computer, I discovered that my theme was incompatible with the store.  Upon further investigation I discovered that the header in my theme was the culprit.  With a few quick clicks I refitted the header and we were good to go.  I have shown you this site before but now it is a fully functional store.  Take a look at Theta Threads.

Who would have known that building online stores is addictive?  After I finished Theta Threads I decided to use my new expertise to add a store to the King's Yomen site.  Unfortunately, I designed the King's Yomen webpage in  my dark age of coding, before I discovered WordPress, so I had to setup an entirely new site.  Within 5 hours I had built the entire page, populated it with product (I had already made the images and copy for some fliers), and debugged the code so it works well in all the different browsers people are using.  WordPress rocks!  So, if you are in the yo-yo mood you can now buy, online, the same yo-yos the King's Yomen sell at their shows and use when they perform. Amazing!

I am seriously considering building WordPress sites as a side business.   Not only are they faster to create than a typical website but they are interactive (web 2.0, if you will) and they can be fully maintained by the user once they are built. The store that I am using is easy to setup and plays nice with most browsers. (It does have a minor bug with Safari, and I am told that it crashes older versions of Safari completely. Meh.)  I will have to see how it works when orders start pouring in.  By default it supports paypal, but it can be upgraded to accept credit as well.  Good times!

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  • Should I try my hand at this wordpress stuff or would it not be worth the trouble if I just want to write?

  • I think blogger is sufficient for blogging, but WordPress gives you freedom. If you are not crying out for more why change?

  • Yeah, I thought it over and I really am not that pressed for “freedom” as you call it.

  • mom

    I like your store. So now when I need a yo-yo or accessories I will know where to go. But who will go to your store accept those who are reading your blog? Let me know how many things you sell. I might be interested. LOVE YA! MOM