The Manuscript is Complete!

As many of you know I have been preparing a book about worship, and I am happy to say that the first manuscript is finally completed.  Stephen Fitzmaurice and I dreamed up this book while we were still in IL, and I have spent the last four years learning the writer's craft so I could bring the dream to life. The time has come.

The next stage is to prepare a book proposal that I can send to publishers to convince them that my books is worth publishing.  Before I do this I would like to get it in the hands of people I know so they can read the manuscript and give me feedback on things I can improve.  When I had completed the first few chapters early on, the help I received from my readers was invaluable in the learning process. You can imagine my excitement now.  If you would like a copy, send me an email with your home address and the number of copies you would like (in case you would like a separate copy for your husband/wife or children or neighbors or friends or relatives or pastor or worship leader to read at the same time as you).

The competed work is over 75,000 words which is about twice the length of the thesis I will have to write for my current degree.  The book is aimed at worship leaders, pastors, and college students studying church worship or spirituality.  The book was written to be practical and accessible to these groups, and it is intended as a challenge to some of the trends in worship today.  I have taken a somewhat unorthodox approach because, in addition to the seven chapters, introduction and conclusion, I have also included two stories that illustrate the main themes in the book.  These two stories make up over a third of the book's total length.  The are my first attempt at story telling on this magnitude, and I have learned a lot in the process.

Legally, the book is already protected by copyright, but I will be submitting a formal request soon (maybe today) to protect the work between now and publication.   They say completing the manuscript is only half the work.  I hope that's an exaggeration.

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  • I want one. and I want a copy. Also I can bring one to steve if you want when we go down to see him. also, i like your spam protection better than the word thing.

  • Stphen

    A huge accomplishment.

  • Erica K

    Hey friend. I’d like a copy.
    Congrats of finishing the book.

  • hey there friend….. really enjoying it so far! i just want to scream, “yes, finally, someone gets it!”

  • Tara,
    You have perfectly expressed the sentiment that I hope most will feel when they read it. I can’t wait to talk with you about it.

  • Amira

    Hey! Yes please, I know you knew that but…
    Also, your Mom wants one. And she wasn’t just being polite.
    Your Dad makes the hugest portions of waffles and icecream I have ever seen. My kids thought it was Christmas!

  • Your’s and my parent’s are already in the mail. You raise and interesting point, however. I know it can be a burden to read an entire book so I am not sending copies out to everyone I know, only those who ask for it. I love getting my work out for critique, and I can’t wait to hear feedback from you who have one, but don’t expect the UPS guy to bring you one until you’ve contacted me about it.

  • Everyday is Christmas at the Botigs’ place! Adam, I think I e-mailed you, but in the case I didn’t, please send one my way.

  • Steve,
    I sent it out Tuesday, but it went Media Mail so it might take a little longer than usual.

  • stephen fitz

    I would suggest using Kam to do your cover if possible, now I don’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t do it, or that you can’t, just that he could do the finishing pro touches, or at least advice.

  • Amira

    Can you send me your email address?

  • Yo, dude – I want one! The seminary should have my address, but make sure it’s the right one, ’cause we moved in August (if you want to be sure, the street name is Maple). If you can’t get it from the school, let me know and I’ll e-mail you – I just don’t have e-mail open right now.

  • AOH

    Dear Adam
    I am enjoying your book, and so far wouldn’t change any content
    Thinking about faith and your story correctly identifing misguided faith with the dyslexic guy at boot camp – However..
    – Mark 11 24 .. all things for which you pray believe that you have recieved them and they will be granted to you..
    -1 John 5 14: ..if we ask anyting according to his will he hears us..
    You quote Job : though he slay me yet will I hope in him” yet it continues Never the less I will argue my way before Him
    -Isaiah 43: Plead your case with God
    and somewhere Jesus says ..the Kingdom of God is taken by forceful men..

    So, as a cave man is forever painting on his cave his spiritual experiences, trying to work faith out: I see the the choice is between providential faith that accepts what is given and relational faith that:
    argues a case,
    keeps a confession before our high Priest and can perhaps fail.
    I expect the later is richer in the end for walking this route


  • AOH (not sure who this is 🙂 )
    I am sure that as you read the next chapter about lament psalms you will see the type of “relational” faith you are looking for. As the book pertains to worship I chose to emphasize more the honest nature of faith as opposed to other elements like faith’s certainty or “force” as you say. I am glad that you are enjoying it so far. I look forward to hearing more reactions as you get more into the book.