Move over Macgyver

The Bike

I bought a bike. It's what people do here. Didn't want to pay full price so I waited 'til a garage sale had one in stock. Twenty bucks. The owner let it sit out in rain once. I bought a lock but I am not sure which is protecting which. "Nice lock... but I'd hate to steal that bike to get it." They have a symbiotic relationship.

The first thing I had to do was adjust the gears. It's a ten speed but only five were going when I rode it home.  I adjusted a few screws and BAM five more speeds. I rock. Next I adjusted the rear brake. After seven or eight tweaks with no improvement I decided to try wiping the WD-40 off the wheel frame. I must have missed that lesson on

It had its christening yesterday as rode it into town. Half-way there I begin feel grinding rubber slowing me down every time I peddled. The breaks you ask? Have you already forgotten I adjusted them myself? No, it wasn't the breaks. The bolt holding the rear wheel was loose. The owner must have missed that in his twelve point inspection before he sold it to me. So here I am in the middle of town with a loose bolt and no wrench. So I asked myself, "What would Macgyver do?" I checked my pockets. All I had were my keys and some receipts. I pulled my carabiner off my key chain and compared it to the size of the bolt. A perfect fit. In no time we were back in action.

I may have inherited some of my dad's mechanical genius yet. Maybe next I'll try something really wild and adjust the seat.

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  • Nice going! We gotta go ride sometime!

  • I despise you for buying a bike. (only the lowest forms of life own them), but I am quite impressed with your mechanical prowess.

  • nice bike, gotta love a good Macgyvering 🙂

  • Sorry about that response from Lonnie. I don’t want to come across as narcissistic, but I think that was yet another attempt of his at a cheap shot at me through obscure, indirect means considering he knows I read your blog daily. The bike looks good, stick with what you like.

    I’m very impressed, Adam. It almost feels like I don’t know you anymore as I read that you adjusted a derailer and breaks. Not that you’re not capable of figuring these things out, but that the Adam I remember would not have been interested in touching any of it. Must be that Portland air. Perhaps it’s better that I not live there, who knows what may come of me if it has you both riding and servicing bikes.

  • Steve,
    You have seen through me. This post was really just one more attempt to lure you and your wife out here. “Hey Steve, if you come and live out here not only are there waterfalls and landscaping but there is an Adam riding and fixing his own bike.” How low will I stoop?

    I knew that Lonnie’s comment was really for you. Just between you and me… I think he likes you.

  • What Luke said!

  • rock on you cheap bast.. genius.


  • now all you need is a roll of duct tape and a mullet……. MacGyver who?