The Post Bought Tarver a Leg

Shirts for LimbsOne of the main reasons I moved out to Portland is because of the people here who love me like family. With my family that's no small thing. One of those friends who drew me here is Tarver. He just had his leg chopped off.

Tarver lived with me for a short time while I was at Wheaton. He liks good conversation and has terrible taste in music. In Wheaton he loved tormenting me with a song about a girlfriend who sheds too much. I met him through our mutual friend Steve Fitz, my techno loving roommate at Moody. I'm still trying to get both of them into Geoff Moore and the Distance.

Tarver is trying to get a prosthetic leg. They cost about $40,000. His insurance will only cover $5,000 (this is typical). The prosthetic companies don't offer financing either. (What are you going to put up for collateral, your hacked limb?) Oh yeah, the best time to get the prosthetic is two months after surgery because of the healing process and limb growth and stuff I don't understand. That means he has a very short time to earn the money he needs to get a new leg.

Did I mention his wife is 6 (or 7) months pregnant?

This is no sob story nor something unexpected, but those are the facts. While the rest of us prayed for money to drop out of heaven Tarver went to work. He designed a t-shirt that reads, "This Shirt Bought Tarver A Leg."

Checkout his story in our local newspaper and on the news. Buy a rad shirt and help Tarver get a leg.

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  • tara

    Ya, I’m now 8 months pregnant! Can you believe it! One month to go. And I hate Tarver’s choice in music too… go GMD. hehehe