More than personality

Look at all that personalityChrissy and I, at the bequest of Kevin Hanson, took a personality test. When the tests were done we read the results; they summed us up as well as four letters can. I liked mine, the profile was "Mastermind". It said I don't move into leadership until everyone else proves their incompetence. They got me there. It said I had the same personality as CS Lewis. Not a bad personality to have. Of course there are only so many combinations of letters, I am bound to be just like at least one person I respect. Chrissy's said she liked to serve people, almost to a fault. I lucked out there.

After we had narrowed down the four letters that captured the essence of our being, we saw a marriage compatibility test based on the personality profiles we had just received. We entered our letters and waited patiently for the DLS to reveal our fate. To our shock we were only 25% compatible. You can imagine the thoughts that rifled through my mind.

"How could this happen? Perhaps we moved to fast. Oh, no... why am I so charming? I must have tricked the poor girl into falling for me and before we knew it, we happened on this colossal mistake. 25%!?! How? It is too terrible to be explained by simple charm. Perhaps she was dazzled and dazed by my elegant style, my physique must have enraged her passions, stifling all reason... the poor girl didn't have a chance to get away. And now here we are, trapped in a relationship doomed by science."

In actual fact, I thought no such thing. I really thought, "Perhaps love is more than personality."

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  • I think I took that test once…it labeled me Narcissist. I thought that was just a personality FLAW, not an actual personality. But I guess it must have readjusted the rules to fit around me…typical.

  • Where do I go to take that test, I want to make sure I didn’t marry the wrong person too. Dammit, if I would have only known.

    Sorry Adam, I should have said something when I had the chance. Remember that bit we went on about mojo? We were about the write up a treatise on it. Well, yeah, you’re the one with all the mojo. You and Chrissy dated for 7 years or so, well, you know, maybe you’ll be alright yet, just hope your mojo, since it’s lasted thus far, will last you the rest of your life together. Of course, since you’re not compatible, if it runs out, you’re screwed.

    Lonnie, that is a personality flaw, and yes, you do have it, have a problem with that, come to my house personally and I’ll kick your ass proper.

  • llama

    8 years.

  • For anyone interested in taking the test here is the link.

  • According to that I was the “Field Marshall” I like to lead and take control, and I understand broad concepts…

  • Stephen Fitz

    lol – I really think she just couldn’t resist. Seriously. Its all about the yo-yo style!
    You hypnotized her, you bastard.

    I remember this one time I was listening to Christian radio very clearly. A guy was on talking to someone like Dobson (not dobson) but a big name advertising His Christian online dating program. He said repeatedly – the reason people get a divorce is because they are simply not compatible! If you take my online test it opens the door to true love, because compatible people will stay married. The reason why your last marriage didn’t work out it because of conflicting personality types!

    The Christian radio host was agreeing to everything he said.

    Love is more than personality.

  • Hmmm… that picture looks familiar.

  • also..a big one for divorce is psychosis…when one partner is just down right assnuts crazy. Yep, that is one.