Know me, please.

Winter LeavesWithout the burden of AOM I am progressing nicely through Crime and Punishment. Our friend, Sam as we call him, has finally decided to confide in someone. She is sincerely a Christian, but also a prostitute so that she might help her destitute family. Sam goes to her because he thinks she might understand his inner turmoil since he murdered the two women. If I had not mentioned the murder up until now, fear not, I have not given anything away. It happens right at the beginning of the book. She is shocked, of course, at his confession, but she knows exactly what must be done to ease his soul.

"Go at once, this very minute, stand at the cross-roads, bow down, first kiss the earth which you have defiled and then bow down to all the world and say to all men aloud: 'I am a murderer!' Then God will send you life again."

I fully agree with her, but I don't understand it. Why is it so important for us to confess? Why do we long for others to know our secrets? I personally have experienced the freedom, the life she describes. I have bore my soul completely to others. I have listened as others have told me things locked away from the world. What is it in us that makes us long for our lives to be open and naked before others?

"I hid from you for I was naked."

"Who told you you were naked?"

Is there any grace greater than being exposed, than being seen for who we are, completely? Why is this so, why do we long for it? I have seen its power but I cannot comprehend the reason.

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  • Adam – my latest entry is actually almost a direct response to the question that you asked. Funny timing for me to post it. 🙂 I would love to know your thoughts.

    Editor Comment – Here is the link to the blog he refers to.

    Sin as Self-Definition

  • Steven K

    Perhaps that’s why people blog. Just the knowledge that certain secrets are out there for all to potentially read could be a relief to some I sometimes think.

  • Here is an oversimplification:

    It bows to a greater desire of acceptance. We want to be accepted and loved by others, and know (somehow) that it is only true love when we are truly known.

    It scares us shitless, and drives us relentlessly.